UT201 1999 Counts Digital Auto Range Clamp Multimeter with 400A AC Current Test and Continuity Buzzer

woxter z400, Wholesale germin

Tester Mini Digital

4.3 800x480. 2a/20a/4a/200a/400a. 13.5 * 9 * 3.5cm / 5.31 * 3.54 * 1.38in. 235 x 85 x 40mm. Ac/dc  0ma~60.0a. Ac 0.0v-600v. Tes3079k. Dc current clamp meter. Intrinsic error	  : 130mm (l) x 80 mm (w) x 43mm (h). Pinza amperimetrica ac dc. Dm6268a. Duty cycle	: Kyoritsu clamp meters. 6a/60a/600a. Current multi meter. Inductance l. 40nf/400nf/4uf/40uf/200uf. 

Wholesale Perrys

2a/400a(ac). 208*76*30 mm. Black+yellow. 1.5v (aaa) x 3 battey. -40~750c. Sr1130 50. 600ohm/6.6kohm/66kohm/660kohm/6.6mohm/66mohm. 0.3~500a. 50hz/500hz/5000hz/50khz/100kh. Ohm 0.5. 

Current Clamp Only:

Wholesale necron 40k60a/ 600a (ac). Measuring current range: 3 x 1.5v aaa baterry. Tm902c-20c to 750c +/-2.0%. 149(l)*60(w) *26(d)mm. 600mv~1000v. 0.522. As shown below. Wholesale multimeter frequency measurementWholesale two phase. 0.01kw600kw.. Dc 400a/1000a       ac  400a/1000a. 

Wholesale Power Meter Cycling

660/6.6k/66k/660k/6.6m ; 66m. Current large clamp. Sensor clamp. Thermocouple signal. Position meters. 175mm*60mm*33.5mm. Log spliters. 40nf/400nf/4uf/40uf/400uf/4000uf. 50ma with enabled backlight; 25ma with disabled backlight. Wholesale peakmeter digital clamp meters. Acm04. 2001c. Ac current 60a/600a/1000a +/-(2.5%+8). 200mv-600v. 3285-20. Lcd display temperature meter. Acm24. 

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Fang visited Mayor Lia’s house. :3


✿ kitchen, i think i’m gonna make it in all “green” theme or something.  I don’t know if i should change the wall, but i like it for the moment so…i keep it like this.
✿ I finally got the mermaid bed I bought on the island !!!…and it kinda match with my nordic wall (but i want to make this bedroom in a mermaid theme tho).


benji 🐶💖


Star gazer!


decided to finally start decorating my house now that i’ve collected a lot of furniture i want in the room!

first stop: the basement

(still a work in progress)


Some little changes in my house happened today; The orchidae from mother & the monkey figurine from Isabelle for new year <3 


Brynn’s backyard picnic