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Fang visited Mayor Lia’s house. :3


✿ kitchen, i think i’m gonna make it in all “green” theme or something.  I don’t know if i should change the wall, but i like it for the moment so…i keep it like this.
✿ I finally got the mermaid bed I bought on the island !!!…and it kinda match with my nordic wall (but i want to make this bedroom in a mermaid theme tho).


benji 🐶💖


Star gazer!


decided to finally start decorating my house now that i’ve collected a lot of furniture i want in the room!

first stop: the basement

(still a work in progress)


Some little changes in my house happened today; The orchidae from mother & the monkey figurine from Isabelle for new year <3 


Brynn’s backyard picnic